I am Nane Bread ,I am a Teacher at Earth School and I live completly sustainable.I teach the children the same .

​I am Earth Waters Treeas big Brother. I am a Geologist and I grow gardens .I dream to help all  people and animals to learn about soil and planting and all about the world.I am a Tree delivery boy and I also work at the Grocery Store were I help people .

​My Name is Leaf Canvas.I am an Artist. I draw the stories to save the world. We must return to Harmony where the water is clean and the air is pure. I help Treea Waters, she is my best friend.

 Care Heart 

I am a Nurse at the Hospital of Harmonized Care I am Head Nurse and I care for people and there health and well being.

​I am Treea, I Love animals and I babysit many children and animals. I love building things such as bunny houses and barns. I love cooking and organizing. I write and draw books. I am a Planetary Healer.

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​My name is Global Warning .I am The Vice Principle at Earth School.I love helping people,I love singing for the children and there families.I make sure no child or animals goes hungry or gets hurt in anyway.

​I am Berry Waters. Treeas Father. I am a Dietitian at the Hospital of Harmonized care. With my help and the help of the staff we grow our own food in the yard to keep our patients  and animals fed healthy. We also have food storage for people and animals in our community who are in need. 

I am Dr. Goodall,

​Founder of Earth School.

​I love Monkeys, Gorillas ,Apes and all the other animals. I spend most of my life in the forest with them. I want to raise awareness and make sure the humans grow as many trees as possible. We need to be conscious of our environment and show our younger generation the importance of sustainable living. 

​​​My name is Mike Anic .I am a mechanic.I have a busy shop.I love to sing all day.I  encourage people to care about the air and encourage using a bike.

​Sir, Grand World 

​Co Founder of Earth School.

I am a Environmentalist

​I care dearly for this beautiful Land that we live on and i educate people to follow my footsteps. 

​My Name is Nature Woods I love animals and the enviromnent .I love Carpentry and building things and love spending time with my friends .The Welder,the plumber the electritian ,the mechanic and the Innovator.And my bestest friend Earth Waters.Treeas big brother .

​I am Mother Nature Waters . Treeas mother.I am the Secretary at Earth School. I greet all the children every morning and make sure they leave safe. I make announcements, make sure there is enough supplies for everybody and I register the new kids of the community. 

My name is Principle Gardens .

​I bring Joy to the world and help the children ,animals and people at Earth School.I am the Guardian of all . I ensure the children and they families have the skills and things they need survive.

I am D.J Soul 

I am the music Teacher and I teach guitar, piano ,trumpet ,saxophone violin, base, harmonica and all other musical instruments.