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Cheif Waters

I want to thank the children for being so   supportive, smart and caring .The animals for having faith that humans will help . The compassionate friends .  Treea has seen kids without and animals .This has inspired me to open the eyes of humanity for the sake of each other.If you can help ,please do.Become a planetary healer.Big Thank you to my Father who is always planting trees and educating me on plants ,trees,and animals. Along David Suzuki for always teaching everyone  .From books and show Nature of things.And all others with the same vision .Dr Jane Goodall for her care towards animals  and her words of knowledge Mr.Leonardo Dicaprio for Educating everyone about Climate Change and all the people who developed his movie Before the Flood . Russel Brand for bringing a True perspective on human behaviors . Trew News! To all the sustainable  elders who have shared there knowledge .To think we live in a world so beautiful and some choose to destroy it breaks my heart .Please do what you can to help .It makes a difference if we all care.

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Get growing!! Peggy POO!!