If you are planning a wedding ,I suggest you start planting flowers in pots in order to transplant them For the bees.Thank you!!Your kindness to the bees is wonderful!!Fabulous!!.

Bees play a big role in our world .keeping flowers in the ground for them is important .Flowers need to do there cycle in order to come to seed to repopulate.

If you take a apple core and plant it a Tree will grow!!!So please plant the apple core somewhere and give the seeds a chance!!In return a apple Tree will grow and  in approx 6-10 years ,the Tree will  provide apples .

The Water and the wildlife who habitat there need you to let the lakes Replenish of clean water and the fish need to repopulate .Due to many factors.Reserch and look at what you can to heAL YOUR WATER.

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Water is essential for living !!Remember what you put in the water !!!Please remember that many products contain poison that is harmful to you ,animals ,planet and most of all WATER! Make sure to read labels on products !!  Make sure its safe for you and the water systems .You are also a water system !!Also remember how much water it takes to build concrete roads,homes .Respect it!!

Compost and soil are a big part of gardening .Find ways you can compost ,in order to create soil.

Saving seeds is also a great thing to do!!Lemon seeds ,avocado seeds,peeper seeds ect...Its   important for  bees and food.

 Gardens are  a great way to feed your family and animals !!Bees !!

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